Author Bio

Kaira Lansing was born in the Midwest, where she grew up and later fell in love and married the ‘Official‘ Guy Next Door. (True Story)

Kaira writes Romantic Suspense and is the Author behind the Hattie Gray Mystery Novels. Her first Hattie Gray Novel, DANIELLE’S BODY, was released in 2014. She is writing her next Hattie Gray Mystery Novel, THE DEATH of ANNA GRAYSON.

In 2015 she published her short story, A NIGHT WITH THE MOON. Her next short story, JUST LEAVE ME BROKEN  released September 25th, 2015 under the Craving Heart Confessions imprint. Her second short story to be released under the Craving Heart Confessions imprint, HER HIDDEN TRUTH, is being planned for a 2016 release.

Kaira is currently writing her next full-length novel, THE SHADOWS ARE FALLING. This book is the prequel to her upcoming series being released under the Craving Heart Booksimprint in 2016.
When not writing her books or blogging, Kaira can be found out on dates with the Guy Next Door, scoping out restaurants in search of the BEST Ultimate Nachos. She also in an avid reader and loves to run. She is famously known for her practical pranks involving: post-it notes, saran wrap, a toilet cake and a surprise birthday party with a cake that almost burned down her house!

 How did she get her start in writing books?

Kaira began writing in Elementary School. Her passion for writing increased during Middle School and thrived during High School which explains her dismal grades in Science and Math – where she spent the majority of her time writing short stories and novels. After High School, Kaira found herself frantically studying up on her math and science and spent thirteen years in the Pharmacy Field. In 2009 she took the leap and published her first novel, MATILDA’S HOUSE.
Unprepared for the path she was about to embark on, her series debut novel, MATILDA’S HOUSE, sparked mass attention in classrooms across the country. Her novel’s motto was quickly labeled: ‘scaring kids across America one classroom at a time.’ She quickly jumped into the second book in the series, KELLIE LYNN’S DIARY, followed by the third book, THE NEIGHBOR. As the series made it’s way across the country that year, it quickly caught on over seas – thus sparking an interest in book four … HAUNTING WHISPERS. (Future release date TBD)
Kaira quickly found her niche in the young adult market writing mystery, paranormal novels and short stories. She followed her debut series with three mystery/paranormal short stories and one young adult Romance novel. In 2014 Kaira decided to branch out and publish Romantic Suspense novels and short stories with her debut release of DANIELLE’S BODY – her first Hattie Gray Mystery Novel.